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Summary johan Galtung conference

Johan Galtung (EN).pdf


Ready to for a child new.pdf


Departament of children and youth VIFIN.pdf


- Programa of juvenile antisocial behavoir against trainst composition

By Sanimir Chernev (Secretary of the Local Commission for Fight Against Juvenile)

Prevention of juvenile antisocial behavoir.pdf


1.- Luc Van den Brande. President of the Commitee of the Regions' Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External affairs (CIVEX)

LVdB -EN-.pdf


2- Cristina Goñi; EJJO Director. 

OEJJ_C Gońi -EN-.pdf


3.- Christel de Craim, member of the Belgian Ministry of Justice.

Christel de Craim EN.pdf


4.- Pablo Lizón Ramón-Borja; superintendent of the Metropolitan Police of Sant Joan d'Alacant, executive member of the Chiefs and High commands association of the Valencian Region. 

Pablo Lizón -EN-.pdf


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ITER Project Research

The results of the quantitative investigation "Research about families with troubled children" are already avalaible.

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Play with Teen City, Dare you do it?

Fruit of the ITER Project, Teen City is a videogame for adolescents which is based in a social simulation, facing specific situations and taking some decisions. Dare you do it?

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It provides a support material for policemen who give speeches to young people in schools.

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ITER courses

The ITER has offered throughout the project a formation to policemen, chiefs and police mid-level executives.

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The ITER Project culminated with an INFO DAY in Brussels on 13th july

This event was organized by the Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea -FCVRE- in order to facilitate the dissemination of the ITER Project results through Europe.

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Children and young people use of alcohol and drugs in Denmark

Our danish partners, Videscenter for Integration provide this interesting research paper

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Family -School-Work Bullying: What it is on?

Family -School-Work Bullying: What it is on?

Summary of the Johan Galtung conference given in the I Seminar of ITER Project

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