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>> the project

ITER Project


It is a European Project of prevention and fight
against violence

The Project is about the integration of the Security Forces into the multi-professional networks dedicated to juvenile delinquency prevention. It arises actions which provide a better fluency and a major understanding, as well as create better combined strategies toward the violent youths and towards the families who have abandoned their functions.

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>> seminars


Throughout the Project, four seminars will take place in the partnership countries: Spain, Italy, Denmark and Bulgaria.Listing of Seminars.


I Seminar

I Seminar

The I Seminar of ITER Project took place in Alicante in January, the 30th and 31st.
The partners and the colaborators took part and they raised the tasks allocation, specified the objectives and shared of experiences.


II Seminar

II Seminar took place in Vejle (denmark), and it was organized by Videscenter for Integration, the danish partner of the Project


III Seminar

III Meeting took place in Sofia (Bulgaria). October 2009, 2nd and 3rd.


IV Seminar

IV Seminar took place in Latina (Italy) in March 2010, 11st and 12nd.


Final Conference

Final conference took place in Brussels (Belgium) in July 2010, 13rd.


  >> keys issues

ITER Project Research

The results of the quantitative investigation "Research about families with troubled children" are already avalaible.

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Play with Teen City, Dare you do it?

Fruit of the ITER Project, Teen City is a videogame for adolescents which is based in a social simulation, facing specific situations and taking some decisions. Dare you do it?

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It provides a support material for policemen who give speeches to young people in schools.

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ITER courses

The ITER has offered throughout the project a formation to policemen, chiefs and police mid-level executives.

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The ITER Project culminated with an INFO DAY in Brussels on 13th july

This event was organized by the Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea -FCVRE- in order to facilitate the dissemination of the ITER Project results through Europe.

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Children and young people use of alcohol and drugs in Denmark

Our danish partners, Videscenter for Integration provide this interesting research paper

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Family -School-Work Bullying: What it is on?

Family -School-Work Bullying: What it is on?

Summary of the Johan Galtung conference given in the I Seminar of ITER Project

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