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ITER Project



Security and Safeguarding Liberties / Prevention and fight against crime / Call for proposals "Action grants" 2007.


From 1st September 2008 to 31st August 2010.


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Previous studies reveal that juvenile violence and delinquency are complicated problems due to many causes.

The sequence of the facts is appear in the following way:

  1. The family delegates to the school the educational task
  2. The professor prefers to instruct than to educate but, if he/she exercises as tutor or educator, he/she is discredited by the minor's parents
  3. The minor takes advantage due to the lack of hierarchy, he/she takes the control and the power (invested hierarchy).
  4. Often the police is called to act as substitute parental figure , but the police, accustomed to practise repressive functions, wonder what new functions they should assume and how to be more efficient.

The multi professional nets of support and prevention are necessary for the decrease of the youth's violent behavior. In fact, the integration of the Security Forces in this net has allowed an important decrease of the school absenteeism in the Educational Centers where protocols of combined performance have been carried out, as well as a decrease of street incidences.

This type of experiences is not yet generalized in all the European Union countries. A change in the police way of thinking and a higher degree of implication of the upper management is necessary, as well as a better acceptance of the professional groups who deal with the consequences of the juvenile violence; many of them still consider the Security Forces repressors of conflicts.

The coordination of a multi professional net, in which the Security Forces will be integrated, will achieve a better fluency and understanding, create better combined strategies toward the violent youths as well as the families who have abandoned their functions and, in one word, the union of forces in one direction: to prevent the juvenile delinquency.


Project's aims

  • To increase the implication of the Police Corps regarding to the prevention of the juvenile violence.
  • To improve the relationship and promote the coordination among the different agents who take part in the prevention of the juvenile violence.
  • To redefine the interactions between policemen and families of conflicting young people.
  • To develop and implement concrete actions for the prevention of the juvenile violence.
  • To disseminate the results at national and transnational level.


Actions to be carried out

  • To give training courses and raising of awareness to the Security Corps, especially to the upper management about the prevention of the juvenile violence.
  • Incorporation to the multi professional net already consolidated (formed by policemen, teachers, and social services) the prosecutor's office, family doctors and associations of students' parents.
  • Carrying out of a quantitative investigation regarding to the families of the conflicting young people through the filling in of questionnaires given by the police.
  • To include talks in schools for the minors given by the members of the multi professional network formed for this project.
  • Creation of a mobile phone game aimed at the minors. This game will transmit the values included in the school talks.
  • Approach to the parents through a web site which will have an on-line information service for the advising on matters regarding to the prevention of juvenile violence.
  • Organization of encounters, seminaries and events of dissemination at national and transnational level.


Working schedule

Access to working shedule.


Expected results

  • Realization of encounters in each partner country
  • Filling in of questionnaires in each partner country and analysis of results
  • A practical guide for the developing of school talks. The guide will be produced on paper and CD Rom in 2 languages: Spanish and English
  • Web site of public interest, at national as well as transnacional level
  • An educational game adapted for mobile phone which could be employed by the other country partners.



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ITER Project Research

The results of the quantitative investigation "Research about families with troubled children" are already avalaible.

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Play with Teen City, Dare you do it?

Fruit of the ITER Project, Teen City is a videogame for adolescents which is based in a social simulation, facing specific situations and taking some decisions. Dare you do it?

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It provides a support material for policemen who give speeches to young people in schools.

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ITER courses

The ITER has offered throughout the project a formation to policemen, chiefs and police mid-level executives.

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The ITER Project culminated with an INFO DAY in Brussels on 13th july

This event was organized by the Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea -FCVRE- in order to facilitate the dissemination of the ITER Project results through Europe.

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Children and young people use of alcohol and drugs in Denmark

Our danish partners, Videscenter for Integration provide this interesting research paper

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Family -School-Work Bullying: What it is on?

Family -School-Work Bullying: What it is on?

Summary of the Johan Galtung conference given in the I Seminar of ITER Project

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